About EstheticianEDU.org



EstheticianEDU.org is the first resource designed specifically with esthetician state licensing candidates in mind.

Becoming an esthetician involves navigating a somewhat complicated licensing process that begins with satisfying state-mandated training requirements, and that ends with demonstrating competency through written and practical exams.

From determining the number of clock hours of training required for licensure and finding an approved school, to preparing for exams and completing continuing education credits to maintain licensure – becoming a professional esthetician can be a challenging process to navigate alone.

EstheticianEDU.org was created to address this challenge and make the process a little easier.

EstheticianEDU.org represents the tireless efforts of a dedicated team of researchers and experienced writers committed to answering the questions that estheticians and would-be estheticians have during all stages of career preparation and advancement.

We provide:

  • State licensing board requirements and processes in easy-to-follow step-by-step guides
  • Guidance on how to establish an independent esthetics practice
  • A comparison of common practice models, from full-time employment to booth rental
  • Companion guides for understanding the many esthetics services and modalities
  • An unbiased analysis of outstanding schools and training programs in each state
  • Guides that address common questions on everything from exam preparation to infection control

The team here at EstheticianEDU.org is confident that the aspiring estheticians that come to this site will find it to be an indispensable resource in preparing for state licensure and a successful career in esthetics.

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