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The Top 5 Supplies No Esthetician Should Be Without

Extractors…facial masks…wax strips…tweezers…you’ve got it covered.

But before you call your esthetics toolkit complete, consider those supplies that you probably don’t think too much about but will undoubtedly make your job easier and your clients satisfied. The unsung heroes of the esthetician’s office, if you please.

The following supplies are like the toothpaste in your bathroom—you may not take time to appreciate it, but you’ll certainly know when you’re without it.

1 – A good supply of microfiber towels and washcloths

Nobody says you have to splurge on microfiber towels and washcloths, but your clients will love, love, love them the first time you rub them against their faces. In fact, we guarantee that once you use high-quality microfiber towels, those standard salon and spa towels will be a distance memory.

Our favorites include:

2 – Baby wipes (of the thick and unscented variety)

A package of baby wipes is a seasoned esthetician’s best friend. Choose the thick, cushiony ones, preferably scent-free. Replace standard makeup wipes with them, and you’ll save a ton of money in the long run. Most of the time, they come in handy little plastic boxes that pop open easily and dispense one at a time. Plus, because they’re made for baby’s little bottoms, they are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free and therefore perfect for your clients’ faces, too.

Our favorites include:

3 –  Not-your-drugstore-variety hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer doesn’t have to be sticky, sickly sweet smelling, or reminiscence of a doctor’s office to be effective. While you can snag a cheap bottle of sand sanitizer at your local grocery store, chances are it won’t be something you’ll want to use day in and day out. Lucky for you, there are plenty of great choices that’ll leave your hands smooth, soft, and pleasantly scented. Many include essential oils, aloe vera gel, and moisturizer, so your hands stay soft and conditioned, even while your killing germs.

Our favorites include:

4 – Makeup eraser sticks for picture-perfect results

One of the best tools in your bag should be makeup eraser sticks or pens. They look like cotton swabs, but they’ve got makeup remover already in them. Grab one for a quick touch-up and carry on like the pro that you are.

Our favorites include:

5 – Witch hazel (minus the alcohol)

Witch hazel is an all-natural ingredient that’s been used for centuries for its skin soothing and hydrating qualities. Estheticians use it to tone the skin after cleansing, refine pores, remove makeup and excess oil, and simply refresh the complexion.

But don’t stock your bag with any ole’ witch hazel – chose those with no alcohol, but consider varieties with natural moisturizers.

Our favorites include: