facial mapping

Benefits of Face Mapping



The ancient art of facial mapping can be one of the greatest tools to bring into your Esthetician practice. Facial mapping uses the theory that our skin is a reflection of our inner health, with different parts of the face representing specific internal organs. Dullness, luster, texture, and breakouts and where they occur on the face can all be clues to help give you a deeper understanding of the overall health of your client.

Facial mapping is an especially beneficial tool if you have a client who is dealing with acne, whether they are consistent breakouts or sporadic. The location of the acne on the face will help to determine whether or not it is hormonal or perhaps dietary.As an Esthetician, our primary concerns are to help our clients achieve a healthy, vibrant, and balanced complexion. Guiding your clients through a customized skincare routine, paired with tips that you learn from facial mapping, is the best way to get them to reach their goals.

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