Understanding Oncology Aesthetics is Increasingly Important in Today’s Spa Industry



Oncology Aesthetics is fast becoming a popular service in the spa industry. The rise in popularity is due to higher cancer rates as well as an increase in cancer survivors who are looking to improve their quality of life.

While aesthetic services are performed for relaxation and beauty purposes, the unfortunate truth for cancer patients is that the results may not always turn out as expected. The reason is that clients who have had cancer treatments are more sensitive to the products used for facials, waxing and other aesthetic services which may cause an unwanted reaction.

This is why it is important for aestheticians to engage in oncology aesthetics training specifically, which includes learning about the disease, treatments and side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatments. Oncology training teaches the aesthetician how to modify traditional spa treatments for cancer patients. This ensures that the client receives beneficial results in the safest possible way.

At some point in their career, every spa professional will likely come in contact with a client that is also a cancer patient. Specialized oncology training is critical to understanding the unique needs of cancer patients and ensures skincare practitioners are prepared when faced with this type of challenge.

Questions that oncology trained aestheticians often ask include the following examples:

  • What kind of cancer does the client have or had?
  • What cancer treatments have been used?
  • When was the cancer treatment ended?
  • What medications is the client taking and what are the side effects?
  • What skin issues arose from the cancer treatments?
  • Is the client undergoing hormone therapy?

These types of questions are imperative to fully understanding if certain services are appropriate for the client.

In addition to providing clients with the safest possible service, understanding common issues associated with offering skincare services to cancer patients will allow estheticians to help clients feel and look their best.