Estheticians and Dermatologists – What’s the Difference?



Skin care is by no means a universal science. Everyone’s skin care needs are distinctly different and two seemingly identical conditions can have opposite causes and treatments and levels of severity.

When it comes to seeking a skin care specialist it can be difficult to know whether a Dermatologist or an Esthetician is the best option for care, and knowing the differences between the two can go a long way towards providing someone with the appropriate kind of aid.

The primary difference between the two is education. A dermatologist is a medical doctor. Their job is the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. They can prescribe medicine and perform a variety of different treatments that can have drastic impacts on the skin health of someone suffering from a disease.

Estheticians undergo significantly less schooling, passing a state certification process and attending trade schools. However, their role is no less important. An esthetician specializes in healthy skin care and treatment. An esthetician’s role is to teach someone how to take good care of their skin and keep it healthy.

If an esthetician is doing their job correctly, it will often help to prevent diseases from developing and getting out of hand in the first place and make life easier for dermatologists treating diseases. To put it in other words, an esthetician is like a person trainer, looking after the health and well being of someones body and helping them to build habits that keep their body healthy. A dermatologist is like a surgeon, performing more drastic procedures to deal with the impact of sudden disease or the long term effects of poor health.

Estheticians as a result are often employed in a variety of different therapeutic roles, assisting dermatologists in the process of bringing a patient’s skin back to life and in helping to assist patients in keeping their skin healthy in the long term.