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Monthly Facials Are Important For Maintaining Healthy Skin and Keeping Aging at Bay

Taking care of the skin is certainly not an exact science, and every person has unique needs based on the natural qualities of their own skin and the stress it undergoes every day. Estheticians bring their expertise to the table when helping people to identify the right treatment to keep their skin healthy and happy.

An important part of this is taking advantage of the facial. Facials cleanse and exfoliate the skin by taking care of dirt and oil that sits below the surface of the skin and cannot be as easily cleaned by scrubbing and washing. More importantly, the skin refreshes itself every 30 days, meaning that it might be necessary for some to have a cleansing professional facial on a monthly basis.

Even for those who only have the time to have a facial once every few months, it is an important part of keeping the skin healthy and preventing a variety of different diseases and infections that can plague the skin as well as combating the effects of aging.

Facials specifically designed to combat aging are currently on the rise as the boomer population in America continues to grow older. Estheticians take advantage of a variety of different facial treatments that not only clean the skin but also stimulate collagen and moisturize the skin.

Men are not exempt from the need for facials as well, though their needs may be slightly different than a woman’s. Men traditionally spend more time outdoors, and may have more complications related to roughen skin from spending time outside, sweating excessively, and dealing with razor burn.

Regardless of an individual’s needs, consulting with an esthetician on a regular basis is vital not just for the sake of beauty, but for keeping an eye on skin health and preventing the development of more serious conditions. A regular facial is just one effective part of building that habit.