Three Common Mistakes That Estheticians Make



An esthetician’s “bread and butter” when it comes to their skill set is providing facials for their clients. Skin care professionals are typically very detailed oriented to the point of being perfectionists. But there are certain common mistakes that many estheticians make that can wreak havoc on a client’s skin and on any esthetician’s career.

The following are some of these mistakes.

Lacking Knowledge of Contraindications Contraindications are essentially the specific effects that a particular medication might have when certain chemicals are used when treating a client’s skin. For example, the use of Retin-A – a common skin treatment – in conjunction with certain waxing chemicals can cause the client’s skin to lift.

Estheticians need to be aware of the various over-the-counter and prescription skin treatments and the kinds of potential effects they can have when treating clients.

Stimulation Without Sedation More than one esthetician has had the experience of giving a client a facial and then being told by that client after it’s over that her skin feels uncomfortable and tingly. This happens because in the vast majority of cases the client has hyper-sensitive skin but may have not told the esthetician.

She then goes ahead and uses a microdermabrasion machine for maximum exfoliation but doesn’t use anything to soothe or “calm” the skin after the treatment is finished which leads to the discomfort.

Whether a client has sensitive skin or not, post-treatment care should always be in an esthetician’s repertoire.

Failure to Recommend At-Home Treatments – One of the most important things for any esthetician to do is to offer recommendations for their clients for treating their skin at home after they’ve had their professional treatment. Doing so allows the client to avoid painful breakouts and other problems that are associated with a lack of post-treatment care.

Part of the professionalism in treating skin is to keep the client happy even after they leave your spa.