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Ukrainian Immigrant Finds Success as an Esthetician

Albina Kisanova, founder of Albina Brow-Tique in La Jolla Cove, California is enjoying success as a business owner on the foundation of word-of-mouth. In a time of mass-marketing, internet sites and advertising, Kisanova doesn’t even have a company website, yet …

Aestheticians Weigh In On the Double Cleansing Method

The aesthetician’s role, and the techniques they employ, has spurred the creation of a number of techniques and products that anybody can integrate into their personal beauty regimen. Ironically, the sheer breadth of options that are available in the market …

Three Common Mistakes That Estheticians Make

An esthetician’s “bread and butter” when it comes to their skill set is providing facials for their clients. Skin care professionals are typically very detailed oriented to the point of being perfectionists. But there are certain common mistakes that many …

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